• Stainless steel wire for MIG/TIG welding
  • Made in China
  • FCL or LCL shipment is available

AWS A5.9 ER309L

  • ER309L welding wire is primarily composed of austenitic stainless steel, containing approximately 23-25% chromium and 12-14% nickel.
  • Designed for welding dissimilar metals, particularly for joining austenitic stainless steels  to carbon and low-alloy steels
  • A lower carbon content compared to standard ER309 electrodes. The low carbon content helps minimize the risk of sensitization and intergranular corrosion in the weld joint.
  •  Clean and aesthetically pleasing welds. It offers good wetting and flow characteristics, resulting in visually appealing weld bead
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for applications where the welds need to maintain their corrosion-resistant properties. It is commonly used for welding stainless steel to carbon steel in applications exposed to corrosive environments.
  • It is commonly used in industries such as petrochemical, power generation, and food processing.
  • Shielding gas for MIG: 98%Ar+CO2 , for TIG: 100%Ar
    • MIG:    0.8-1.6 (mm) /    0.030″,0.035″,0.045″,1/16″
    • TIG:     1.0-5.0     (mm) /  3/64″, 1/16″,3/32″,1/8″,5/32″,3/16″