ER5356 / AlMg5

  • Aluminum rod and  wire for MIG/TIG welding
  • Made in China
  • FCL or LCL shipment is available

AWS A5.10 ER5356

  •  ER5356 is widely used for general-purpose welding of various aluminum alloys, which contains approximately 5% magnesium.
  • It is especially suitable for welding 5XXX series aluminum alloys
  • Requirement of tensile strength is less than 40ksi (276Mpa)
  • The magnesium content in it provides increased corrosion resistance, which is beneficial when welding parts that will be exposed to marine or corrosive environments.
  • Welds made with it can be effectively anodized, which is a surface treatment process used to increase corrosion resistance and add decorative finishes to aluminum components.
  • Commonly used in marine applications, structural components, and other fabricated parts.
  • Shielding gas : 100%Ar
    • MIG:    0.8-1.6 (mm) /   0.030″,0.035″,0.045″,1/16″
    • TIG:     1.6-4.8    (mm) /   1/16″,3/32″,1/8″,5/32″,3/16″