ER70S-6 (DIN SG2)

  • Low carbon steel  welding rod and wire
  • For MIG/TIG welding
  • Made in China
  • FCL or LCL shipment is available

AWS5.18 ER70S-6

DIN 8559 SG2

EN ISO 14341-A-G 42 4 C1/M21 3Si1

    • Low carbon steel wire specifically formulated for optimum performance under CO₂ and Ar/CO₂ mixed gases.
    • Excellent feeding and arc stability, low spatter, quality welds, high depositing efficiency, little slag
    • All position welding
    • Suitable for steel structure, pressure vessel, pipeline and processing pipe.
    • Shielding gas: CO2 or Ar+CO2
    • MIG:    0.6-1.6 (mm) / 0.023″, 0.030″,0.035″,0.045″,1/16″
    • TIG:     1.6-3.2     (mm) /1/16″,3/32″,1/8″