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What we offer

Multiple choices ranging from comsumable materials for manufacturing to OEM branding for distributing


welding Consumables

Welding plays a vital role in various industries and contributes to the development and maintenance of our society in many ways. We offer a wide range of welding wires compliant to international standards and some accessories for your needs.


Welding Accessory

Welding accessories are supplementary tools and equipment used to enhance the welding process, improve safety, and increase productivity.


iron Base Powder

In the powder metallurgy industry, iron-based powders are widely used in the manufacturing of automotive components, mechanical parts, tools, and various industrial products. They not only meet the manufacturing needs of complex parts but also reduce production costs and improve efficiency.


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Guaranteed quality

Our products undergo rigorous testing and inspection throughout the manufacturing process,ensuring every product meets required standards.

Competitive Price

We regularly review our pricing to ensure that we remain competitive in the market, without compromising on the quality of our products.

Fast delivery

Our logistics network is highly reliable and efficient, allowing us ensure that every order is processed and shipped to customers around the world

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